Bury market traders show their support

We're so grateful to have the support of Bury St Edmunds market traders at this year's Girls Night Out.

As well as decorating stalls and letting people know about the event, they will also be donating the bananas which get handed out to our walkers.

Trader Tony Wilson, who has been on the market for more than 30 years, said: “The Hospice is for the people of Bury and we are the people of Bury so anything we can do to support it we will. I’ll be donating some bananas for the night and on the day (14 September) we will be decorating the stalls, letting people know it is happening and just creating a bit of a buzz."

As well as supporting the Hospice’s Girls Night Out efforts fellow market trader Darren Old has also been busy making a splash for the charity by completing two sponsored swims, raising £440.

He said: “It is just good to be able to support the Hospice. It is such an important charity for Bury. I think all of us must know someone who has been supported by the hospice, whether that’s a family member or friends.”

Market Development Officer for West Suffolk County Council, Sharon Fairweather, said: “We like to support local charities and community groups and are always willing to help them in whatever way we can. It was the traders who decided to support Girls Night Out, it’s very much been led by them, and we’re happy to support them.”

Thank you to everyone involved for your dedication to the Hospice.