Local Beavers and Cubs hold their own 'Scouts Night Out'


Inspired by our September event, this group of Beavers and Cubs recently held their very own Scouts Night Out.

The 6th Bury St Edmunds St Mary’s Beaver Scout Colony came up with the initial idea and they were joined by other Beaver and Cub groups from across the area, including the 1st Bury St Edmunds Mayor's Own Beaver Scout Colony, the 1st Lakenheath Beaver Scout Colony, the Great Barton Seasons Beaver Scout Colony and the Great Barton Wolves Cub Scout Pack.

Donning their pyjamas and bunny ears with pride, 111 Beavers, Cubs and their supporters completed the challenge which was over two miles in Nowton Park last week, with many being sponsored in aid of the Hospice too.

Well done and a huge thank you to everyone who took part.

Choir set to support Girls Night Out walkers

We're so grateful to the Rock Vox Choir, who will be welcoming walkers over the finish line again this year.

The 40-strong choir is made up of members from Cambridge, Ely, Mildenhall, Soham, Brandon and Lakenheath.

Clare Clay, who leads the choir, said: “We are all so excited to be supporting Girls Night Out and all of the brilliant walkers taking part. It really is fantastic and we all enjoy it.

“For us, it is such a joy to be able to be there on the night and be able to welcome everyone to the finish line. There is a lot of singing and there is a lot of cheering and whooping too.

“There is just an amazing atmosphere and we are so pleased that we are able to be part of it. Being able to see everyone over the finish line is amazing. It’s like euphoric joy when you are there on the night.”

The choir will be performing a variety of songs plus their very own Girls Night Out medley.

“Last year was the first time we performed the special Girls Night Out arrangement and we will definitely be doing that again this year. We will also have a few other special numbers too,” added Clare.

Thank you to all the choir members, we can't wait to welcome you back in September.


We've launched Girls Night Out 2018!

Join us for our 10th Girls Night Out walk, sponsored by JM Finn. 

Don your pyjamas, a pair of glowing bunny ears and a huge smile and join us to walk 11.2 or six miles through Bury St Edmunds on Saturday, 8 September. An early-bird discount is available for those who are keen to sign up and get on with their fundraising. Walkers pay £10 each before 31 May and £15 from 1 June onwards.

To sign up, please click here: http://www.girlsnightoutwalk.co.uk/ 


Record-breaking total for Girls Night Out 2017

We are incredibly excited to reveal Girls Night Out 2017's total - a record-breaking £275,000. 

We can't describe how grateful we are and how much this amazing sum means to the Hospice. Every one of our walkers who gathered in September has made a significant difference, helping us fund the care we provide to those who need it most.

The figure is made up of money raised by walkers as well as generous support and sponsorship from local businesses including main sponsor JM Finn. Without our walkers, volunteers, supporters and sponsors the event would not have grown into the occasion it has.

This year will be Girls Night Out's tenth year! Join us on Saturday, 8 September when we hope as many women as possible will help us celebrate this milestone year. Keep an eye out for details of the big launch, on Friday, 30 March.

Register now for Girls Night Out 2017

We've launched Girls Night Out 2017, sponsored by JM Finn & Co!

Our annual moonlight walk for women is now open for registration. Last year 2,400 women signed up, raising a record £250,000.

So don your pyjamas, a pair of glowing bunny ears and a huge smile and join us to walk 11.2 or six miles through Bury St Edmunds on Saturday, 9 September, 2017.

An early-bird discount is available for those who are keen to sign up and get on with their fundraising. Walkers pay £10 each before 31 May and £15 from 1 June onwards.

To resgister, please click here

Girls Night Out goes global

Fantastic to see that Girls Night Out is going global this year.

After registering for Girls Night Out, Janine Lawrence, from Mildenhall, realised the date clashed with a visit to her son, Richard, stationed with the RAF in Cyprus.

She was determined not to let this stop her, so while Bury St Edmunds fills with pyjama-clad women, Janine will be walking the 11.2-mile route along the Cyprus coast, along with Richard, who will be an honorary girl for the day. Thank you Janine.

Girls Night In for Girls Night Out


A great way to boost your fundraising total and have fun at the same time! Invite friends over who may or may not be doing the walk and have a great evening.

All you need to do is grab your PJs, big bowl of popcorn and snacks, stick a movie on and donate to the Girls Night Out total.

Get guests to bring food and drink, watch a film, have some drinks, play games and post your Girls Night In for Girls Night Out photos on our Facebook page.

Below are some ideas of games to do during the evening. Any fines must be paid into the Girls Night In for Girls Night Out charity pot and at the end of the night see how many donations the pot accumulates!

Dare or Donate

A different ‘spin’ on the traditional game, either suggest a dare or escape the embarrassment and donate a fine to the pot.

You’re my best friend . . .

Pair up, grab a pen and paper and write down what you think your partner’s answer would be to each question. For every answer you get wrong, donate 50p. Here are some ideas of questions you can ask

• What is the worst date they’ve ever had?

• What is their favourite item of clothing?

• What is their middle name?

• What is their most embarrassing memory?

• What is their favourite cocktail?

• What was the first concert they went to?

• What was the last film they cried at?

• Who is their celebrity crush?

House rules

Allocate a slot during the evening, where everyone needs to abide by the house rules. Below are some ideas; however we encourage that you add your own too. During this period some or all of these rules must be obeyed. Whenever someone breaks one of the house rules they must forfeit a donation to the pot.


• No one can refer to themselves in the first person

• No one is allowed to check their phone

• No pointing

• No calling guests by their first name

• Everyone must say cheers before every sip of their drink

• No showing teeth when you laugh

• Only use your left hand

• Pick a work to avoid e.g. ‘drink’, ‘no’, ‘food’ etc.